Program Objectives

After completing this program you will:

  • Have deep knowledge of the Windows Azure Platform and its technologies
  • Be able to architecturally design efficient applications for the Windows Azure Platform
  • Be able to technically design efficient applications for the Windows Azure Platform
  • Be able to implement efficient applications and services for the Windows Azure Platform

Program Content

This is included in the program license:

  • 13 Windows Azure modules (self paced) with exercises
  • Downloadable resources such as code, models, diagrams and more


  • When reading the material, it's obvious that the program authors’ SOA expertise extends very well into cloud computing and Azure. The fluent story format makes the material easy to comprehend, and I'm impressed that many of the questions that pop up in my head are covered shortly thereafter by the content. The story, as a dialog between a consultant and a customer, relates perfectly to my work as a consultant.

    Peter Larsson
    Connecta AB
  • I have started to look at the content inside the program and the ”story-telling” approach is very successful in combination with the other papers that the program refers to! For me at least this gives me an easier time to understand theory and practice. Great work! But I didn’t expect anything less when I understood that you guys were responsible for the program.

    Dennis Johansson
    Know IT AB
  • I started to look at the program just one month ago and before that I had no experience of Windows Azure. It seems like a good way to learn about cloud computing in general and Windows Azure in particular. So far, I’m very satisfied with the program. It is quite easy to get to know what cloud computing and Windows Azure is about. I look forward to the details in the remaining modules of the program.

    Anders Davidsson
    Kandav AB

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